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Communication backup
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communication back-up power Lithium battery manamgement system

Main parameter

水立方彩票官网Product type: 3U communication backup power supply lithium battery protection board

水立方彩票官网Specification: 4850-48100

Main board size: 260mm*100mm*35mm

水立方彩票官网Suitable Series Number: 9-16 Series

水立方彩票官网Temperature detection point: 4 routes (16 routes can be achieved)

水立方彩票官网Continuous discharge current: 100A

Charging Current Limitation: 5A/10A/20A (optional)

Working Temperature: - 20 ~70 65507

Others: with pre-charging function, CAN communication, dry contacts, display screen, parallel function

Data download:

Product introduction

水立方彩票官网15S/16S Lithium Battery Management System (BMS)

水立方彩票官网Characteristic performance: storage, anti-backconnection, display battery status, communication interface, light-load dormancy, charging current limiting, high reliability, meeting ROHS standards, etc.

Applications: Backup power supply, energy storage equipment, energy storage power station, etc.

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